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Hand made in Japan by Yakibox’s bladesmith Shinichi Watanabe. Full range of professional quality, very sharp kitchen knives. Custom engraved with your name or message in Japanese characters.

The ancient method of production used by Shinichi is how Samurai swords have been made for centuries. He forges a high carbon steel to a wrought iron backing and creates a super sharp blade and a very durable knife. You can see the 2 grades of steel on the blades. The end product is a VERY high quality, personalized product, that is unique to the individual and is intended to last a lifetime.

Available Sets

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Full set (11 piece)
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Half Set (6 piece)
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Western Set (2 piece)
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  • Very high quality, high carbon steel - made in the same method as samurai swords are made.
  • Custom engraved - name/message in Japanese characters engraved on the blade. E.g. “Peter Jones” or “No. 1 Chef”. No other company offers this personalization service, we can do this as they are hand made to order.
  • Incredibly sharp blades – that last longer than normal knives.
  • Left and right handed – Japanese knives have single bevel blades so are handed – please state LEFT or RIGHT at time of ordering.
  • Double layer steel blade made to centuries old method. (high carbon (1%) blade and low carbon (~0.06%) back)
  • Western style knives also available - double bevel one piece blades.
  • Hand forged and built especially to order.
  • Yakibox fine/super fine sharpening stone available for resharpening.


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