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The F Word
Thursday 24th November 2005
Gordon Ramsey's "The F-Word"
Channel 4, 8pm

Jonathan Ross, a big fan of Japanese food and culture, bigged up his Okonomiyaki set on Gordon Ramsey's the F-word recently explaining to Gordon "Okonomiyaki is one of my favourite foods!"

Jonathan was a diner at Gordon's restaurant The F-Word and after Gordon showed him how to cook lobster, Mr. Ross showed Mr. Ramsey how to cook Okonomiyaki! Although slightly sceptical at first Gordon tasted the Japanese pancake and seemed pretty impressed especially as Jonathan cooked it at the table with his own personal set!

As well as impressing Gordon, Jonathan's cooking got the seal of approval by a native Japanese diner that was also eating at the restaurant. They spoke mainly in Japanese, as Jonathan is a pretty competent speaker of the language as well as very knowledgeable about the food and culture.

Jonathan bought an Okonomiyaki set after David Mlynski, the Yakibox designer, wrote to him to tell him about the set and offered to give him a set as a gift. Jonathan insisted on paying for it and since has mentioned okonomiyaki on his chat show.

David says: "It was great that Jonathan wanted to cook Okonomiyaki for Gordon! He's very enthusiastic about his Yakibox and Japanese food in general. When he telephones Yakibox he'll speak in Japanese - or even leave a message in Japanese - which is certainly unusual but just the sort of thing he'd do!"

The product shown on 'The F Word' was a Okonomiyaki set
Show me the Okonomiyaki set

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